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Application For A Pty Ltd Company

When submitting an application in a company name, you will need to have all the below information with you, in order to complete it correctly.
if you have any questions regarding the process whilst your online or you require assistance, please either call us on 1300 982 279 or use the online chat option during office hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm and one of our senior finance consultants will provide you with assistance immediately.

What you need:

  1. Print and complete the Company Asset & Liability Declaration
  2. Print and complete the Individual Asset & Liability Declaration (1 for each director)
  3. You will need all directors present, in the application process; it will ask you for all directors’ personal details.
  4. If available, last 2 years of company financials

If the above documents are all ready before you start, you can upload them using the upload documents option during the application process.

Click below to download the Company Asset & Liability Declaration
PDF ICON 35 X 35Company Asset & Liability Declaration

Click below to download the Individual Asset & Liability Declaration

PDF ICON 35 X 35 Individual Asset & Liability Declaration

Details Of Goods To Be Purchased
Marketing Source
Credit Requirements


1. FULL DOC; Choose this product if you have current up to date full company financials/Tax returns (Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet).

2. LOW DOC; Choose this product if you do not have traditional proof of income such as company financials or tax returns, borrowers seeking a low-doc loan generally complete a declaration that confirms they can afford the loan. This is known as self-certification.

2. NO DOC; Choose this product if you don't have tax returns / company financials completed, proof of income is not required for this product, however strict conditions apply.

3. REPLACEMENT LEND; Choose this product if you are trading in a car with current finance that is checkable by way of credit reference, or you have had a comparable car loan paid out within six months prior to the time of this application which was conducted well.
As long as the new payment or the new nett amount financed does not exceed a certain value on your existing or previous car loan, then this could be approved under a replacement credit policy, which would mean no documentation required for proof of income.