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About Our Insurance Products
  1. Various Insurance Covers to suit your needs!
  2. Pay by the month options available!
  3. Can be included in you loan as well!

Insurance Products To Meet Your Needs.

Need Insurance For Your Loan, Let Us Help!

Auto Link Finance Insurance Options

Everyone is different, so when it comes to cars, we all have individual needs and priorities. That’s why, when the unexpected happens (usually at the worst possible time), it’s important to have the right cover.

The Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) available for download below reflect the current terms and conditions applicable to these policies. These change from time to time, and may differ from the terms and conditions applicable to your policy. Please contact us if you would like a copy of the PDS specific to your policy.

car insurance

Car Insurance

It’s important to know you have the right cover for your situation. When it comes to motor vehicle insurance, everyone has different needs and priorities, and that’s why Eric gives you plenty of choice. Cover options include Comprehensive Cover, Third Party Damage, Fire & Theft and Third Party Property Damage.

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Ext - Warranty

Occasionally customers find themselves with an unexpected mechanical failure. Depending on the kind of failure, this may result in a substantial unplanned financial outlay. NWC offers a range of extended warranty options, which can provide you with protection for the costs of unforeseen mechanical failure.

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Loan Protection Insurance

Many customers find car loan repayments difficult when they have had to take time off work due to illness or injury. Eric’s LPI can take care of your car repayments for each month that you are unable to work, due to an accident or illness.


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GAP Insurance

In the event that your car is damaged beyond repair or stolen and not recovered, the amount paid by your comprehensive insurer may be less than the amount still owed to your financier. This difference is what we call ‘GAP’. Eric’s GAP insurance can pay to cover this shortfall, depending on the cover chosen.

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LTI Insurance

Often without warning, your financial situation can change dramatically. A long term illness or perhaps an accident can put you out of action for many months. At some point it may prove difficult to make payments on your car loan and your only option is to hand back the car to the dealer to reduce the debt. Often the value of the vehicle declines quicker than the loan balance and as a result, there may still be an amount to pay to the financier.

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Total Assist Insurance

Finance Leasing is suitable for companies, partnerships, sole traders and individuals where the leased vehicle is used for income producing purposes. It is also ideal for employees who want to salary package a vehicle through a Novated Lease as part of their remuneration.

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