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Bad Credit Personal Loans
  1. Secured Personal Loans Only
  2. Minimum Loans Of $10,000*
  3. Fast Pre-Approvals

Secured Personal Loans For People With Bad Credit

Need A Secured Personal Loan?buyer1

Whether you’re looking to renovate your home, go on holiday or consolidate debt, a personal Loan is a fast and convenient way to get the things you want or to pay for the things you need. You can apply for a personal loan online, over the phone or in person.
With flexible repayments and competitive interest rates, you can use a Personal Loan for whatever you want; debt consolidation so you have just one regular repayment, buying a car, a motorcycle or a boat, home renovation or household goods, a well-deserved holiday, your dream wedding..

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Bad credit secured personal loans for applicants that are now and in the last 6 months in a much better financial position.
Our Secured Personal Loans start at a Minimum of $10,000.00

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Debt Consolidation Loans

Trying to balance a few credit cards & other loans but finding you don’t have much money left over each month, why struggle with the repayments, enquire about consolidating them into one loan, it’s easier to manage just one payment.

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holiday island resort

Need a Good Holiday?

Time to take a break? Want a decent holiday but short of cash? Why not take out a personal loan to get that holiday you deserve, after all that’s why you work hard all year, apply online today.

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wedding couple

Planning a Big Wedding?

Wedding bells are ringing & planning a big wedding, reception, cars, honeymoon etc. and you’re stressing about the cost and where the moneys coming from? Don’t stress, call us today for a personal loan.

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white goods

Looking To Buy New White Goods?

Time to update those tired old house old goods? Need some fast cash to get your new white goods or furniture? Then call us today or apply for a personal loan online now.

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home renovations

Time To Renovate?

Dreaming of renovating your home? Everything looking a bit tired and warn out? Let us help you make that dream come true with a competitive rate personal loan to get you started, call us today or apply online now.

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Loan Calculator

Need an idea of what it may cost you per month for a personal loan? Try our loan calculator and get a quick estimate of what it may cost you.

Loan Calculator

What You Should Know About Secured Personal Loansbuyr2

A secured personal loan is a loan that requires borrowers to present an asset or properties of significant value that can be used as a security or collateral for the loan, the value of the goods used as security would need to have a value greater than the loan amount required. The collateral may be a house, a car, boat, or any suitable asset identified by the lender. In the unfortunate event that a borrower is unable to complete repayments, the lender will be entitled to take the asset to cover for the payment defaults.

Getting a secured personal loan offers benefits to the borrower and to the lender, as well. For one, lower interest rates may be charged since a security against the loan has been provided. The borrowing capacity or the loanable amount may also be higher. Auto Link Finance provides secured personal loans from $5,000 up to $20,000, making it the ideal loan solution for bigger projects or needs. Secured personal loans are, therefore, ideal for people who have available assets that can be put up as security or those who need to borrow larger amounts for needs such as, medical emergencies etc.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Unfortunately unsecured personal loans are not available through our company for those who have a bad credit history, we only have secured personal loans available.

What you should know about Debt consolidation loans.

It is always helpful to have most/all debts rolled into one loan with one low monthly repayment, which makes debts a lot easier to manage, however lenders have very strict rules when applying for these type of loans, such as at the time you apply for a debt consolidation loan, lenders will only look at consolidating debts that are up to date with repayments, any current debts you have must have a perfect repayment history for the last 6 months only, they must not be in areas or over the limit at the time you apply.

A lender will only consider a debt consolidation loan if and only:
• The loan will place you in a better financial position 
• There is a saving in overall repayments
• You are not currently in areas with any of the loans or credit you are wanting to consolidate
• You have some form of suitable security against the loan,
• You have enough income to support a loan if the size that you are applying for 

Things you should know before applying for a personal loan
1. You must have a steady and reliable income
2. You must not have had any credit problems in the last 6 months from the date you apply
3. You must not have more than 2 pay day loans current at the time you apply
4. Any current loans you have, must have a perfect repayment history for the last 6 months
5. The maximum loan term is 36 months
6. You must have suitable security that the loan can be secured against

Compulsory documents required from you when applying for a personal loan
1. Evidence of all income sources
2. A transaction listing from all bank accounts held in your name for the last 90 days

Acceptable income sources

1. Employment
• Casual employment, greater than 3 months with current employer
• Part time employment, greater than 3 months with current employer
• Full time employment, greater than 3 months with current employer
• Agency employment, greater than 6 months with the one agency, with consistent employment in that time

2. Centrelink (Can be accepted only as a secondary income source)
• Family Part A & B
• Parenting payments
• Disability Pension
• Retired pension
• Self-funded pension
• Disability support pension
• Veterans Pension

Need More Information!

If you require more information on our bad credit secured personal loans, please call 1300 982 279 and speak with an experienced finance consultant.