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What Is A Secured Equipment Loan?

Secured equipment loans are a finance product whereby the lender provides a borrower with a loan to purchase commercial equipment. The equipment is used as security against the loan and in almost all cases also provides lower interest rates because it lowers the risk to the lender by having the equipment as security.

Secured equipment loans are typically used by individuals to obtain commercial equipment without having to pay cash for the equipment upfront, you also have the ability if you qualify to either borrower the full amount or you can borrower a portion of the purchase price if you choose to do so.

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After Brand New Equipment?

We are pleased to announce that we have some low rates, For new and demonstrator commercial equipment. If you are in the market for a new commercial equipment or looking to upgrade your existing business equipment, we can help. apply today or call us on 1300 982 279 and speak to a Loan Specialist

Looking To Upgrade Your Servers?

Want to upgrade your out dated computer equipment / servers with the latest technology, then why not, with low rates, great loan terms from 3 to 5 years, low fees and a free loan assessment, what are you waiting for? apply today or call us on 1300 982 279 and speak to a Loan Specialist.

After A Printer / Scanner?

Tired of that old printer / scanner that keeps breaking down and its costing you more and more in repairs, well then its time to through it out and update to the latest technology that is reliable, with many great printers in the market today to choose from and great loan packages with low rates, great loan terms, low fees and a free loan assessment, what are you waiting for? apply today or call us on 1300 982 279 and speak to a Loan Specialist.

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