About Bad Credit Car Loans

Unfortunately adverse credit such as defaults or a multitude of inquiries can make getting a bad credit car loan quite challenging at times. However, the senior finance consultants here at Auto Link Finance aspire to make that process as effortless and simplistic as possible for our customers. That aspiration combined with the vast amount of experience our friendly staff possess, Auto Link Finance can assist almost anyone achieve a bad credit car loan.

The first step to achieving a car loan with bad credit is to have an understanding of what exactly bad credit is and how this creates a barrier between you and attaining a car loan. Bad credit describes a respective person’s credit history and suggests that you, the borrower has a higher than usual credit risk using your credit score to estimate that risk. Factors that lead to a lower credit score on your credit report include but are not limited to: Defaults (especially finance defaults), Payday loan enquiries, judgements, bankruptcies, Part 9 agreements & a large amount of enquiries in a short period of time and missing several payments to current loans / ongoing commitments. The greater the amount of negative factors on your credit report, the lower your credit score will drop increasing your anticipated risk of adverse credit. Unfortunately lenders, especially the traditional big banks can decline your application solely based on you having a lower then average credit score.

However a low credit score is not the end of your chances to attain a car loan with bad credit. The experienced and efficient staff here at Auto Link Finance are specialists when it comes to bad credit finance. The consultants here analyse everything from top to bottom, beginning with a free credit assessment to take a look at your credit report to accurately identify what your credit history and correct any potential errors which could cause problems either now or later down the track. The consultants also take the time to explain all the finance & credit technical jargon so you have a clear understanding. Our consultants also delve into all of your circumstances inclusive of your employment and residential history as well as current income to ensure that we correctly assess your application correctly.
As previously stated we are specialists with over 30 years’ experience in finance, when it comes to bad credit car loans, and part of that reason is our large and diverse panel of lenders.

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