Second Chance Bike Loans

Second Chance Bike Loans

Second Chance Bike Loans

Having trouble securing bike loan approval with bad credit? Sadly, you are not the only individual, in reality the big banks & good credit lenders tend to shun an extensive amount of credit applications for a divergent measure of reasons, such as a bad credit history, defaults, judgements, previous bankruptcy, part 9 agreement, too many credit enquiries and a few more.

As difficult and frustrating it may be trying to get a loan with the big banks and good credit finance companies, it doesn’t stop there, they are not the only lenders around to secure a loan when you have had a bad credit history in the past.

Auto Link Finance specialises in bad credit chance bike loans, and we believe in giving everyone a fair go, providing that you are currently in a good financial position and have been for the last 6 months.

Don’t let bad credit stop you from getting your dream bike. Speak with Auto Link Finance, we are one of Australia’s leading provider of bad credit bike loans and could help you get off to a good start and back on track.

The big banks and good credit lenders tend to decline those requiring bad credit loans and leave you often in the dust. Don’t stop there, contact us about acquiring a bad credit bike loan to get that second chance you deserve. At Auto Link Finance we are a finance brokerage that specialises with bad credit bike loans to help those who were unfortunate to fall into bad credit.

We can also tailor your loan to suit your purchase, for example if you apply / get approved for a $20,000 bike loan, and you later find a bike for $17,000 then we can lower the loan amount thus making your payments lower and paying back less interest. Every lender obviously has varying guidelines set out for applications received.

Our service doesn’t stop once we have secured our customers a second chance bike loan. Ideally down the road, if you have been cruising well with the bad credit bike loan, with the addition you have restored your credit history back to normal (18 month time period) with a distinguished repayment history, the offer is given to refinance the loan.

This is only with the provision that you ensue our stern instructions and guidelines that we grant on repairing and restoring your credit. Your auto loan refinance can help you annex a lower interest rate, inclusion of lower loan fees, and an addition of more flexible loan features. Don’t be left in the dust. Apply now for a free loan assessment to get your bad credit bike loan up and running and let Auto Link Finance be the constituent to your dream bike.

We are an Australian finance brokerage that specialises in bad credit loans with over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry, let us get you started with that bad credit bike loan. You can start today, just call us on 1300 982 279 for a free loan assessment or apply online now.

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